{* get a list of feeds in the database and put them into smarty varliable "FeedList" *} {feedsListFeeds varname=FeedList} {literal} {/literal} RSS Import {checkForJs} RSS Import v1.1.0
Import the feeds
{foreach from=$FeedList item=feed_id} Feed Name: {eipItem item=qeip_FeedName unique=$feed_id}
Feed URL: {eipItem item=qeip_FeedURL unique=$feed_id}
Delete this feed

- Feed Frequency (hours): {eipItem item=qeip_FeedFreqHours unique=$feed_id} -- how often to check for new items.
- Feed Votes: {eipItem item=qeip_FeedVotes unique=$feed_id} -- how many votes new items recieve (limit 200)
- Feed Items Limit: {eipItem item=qeip_FeedItemLimit unique=$feed_id} -- how many new items to take from the feed when it's checked
- Feed URL Dupes: {eipItem item=qeip_FeedURLDupe unique=$feed_id} -- Allow duplicate URL's 0=No, 1=Yes, Allow
- Feed Title Dupes: {eipItem item=qeip_FeedTitleDupe unique=$feed_id} -- Allow duplicate Title's 0=No, 1=Yes, Allow
- Feed Submitter Id (number): {eipItem item=qeip_FeedSubmitter unique=$feed_id} -- The ID of the person who will be listed as the submitter
- Feed Category Id (number): {eipItem item=qeip_FeedCategory unique=$feed_id} -- The ID of the category to place these items into

{* get a list of all field_links where `feed_id` = $feed_id and put them into the smarty variable "FeedLinks" *} {feedsListFeedLinks varname=FeedLinks feedid=$feed_id} {foreach from=$FeedLinks item=feed_link_id} {* get a list of fields in the RSS feed and put them into the smarty variable "eip_select" for the EIP selectbox to use *} {feedsListFeedFields feed_id=$feed_id} -- feed field name: {eipItem item=qeip_FeedLink_FeedField unique=$feed_link_id} {* get a list of pligg fields and put them into the smarty variable "eip_select" for the EIP selectbox to use *} {feedsListPliggLinkFields} --- pligg field name: {eipItem item=qeip_FeedLink_PliggField unique=$feed_link_id} --- Remove this link
{/foreach} -- Add a new field link
{/foreach} Add a new feed